New age feed formulation software




Balancing feed recipes is a challenge facing many feed production companies as customer number and requirements increase, as variability and availability of ingredients reaches highest level and as competitive market pushes profit driven operations to the pedestal. AFOS creates powerful technical solution that allows automated feed formulation required by the feed companies to maximize profit. Dynamics of the new age ingredients market requires new age software competent for fast and reliable optimization while implementing powerful what-if engine for decision making just-in-time.

AFOS is a multi-plant, multi-animal group software solution for animal feed optimization and formulation implementing advanced functions of nutrients, ingredients, formulas and recipes.
Unlimited number of ingredients and ingredient groups with advanced calculation engine for automated nutrient calculation, ingredients historical prices and forecast and easy export and import feature allows user to manage ingredients database with ease.

AFOS New age feed formulation software

User friendly formulas creation and calculation implements advanced features like shadow price calculation, saving formula as ingredient or recipe, automated recalculation for liquid components, nutrient ratios constraints, ingredient and nutrient distribution calculation, default constraints for animal groups, formula dehydration calculation, boundary and percentage cost.
As availability, nutrient variability and prices of ingredients changes on daily basis formulation software would require powerful batch optimization and what-if calculation engine. Here AFOS Multiblend module receives it’s full strength. It allows optimization on multiple formulas with applied actions (add, remove, replace of ingredients) and comparison of results just in few clicks.
Reporting is one of the key tools of state-of-the art systems. AFOS implements advanced reporting and exporting engine including printing and exporting of multiple formulas to all major formats (word, pdf, excel and csv) in just a seconds from main user screen by adopting user interface to current user actions.
AFOS respect localizations allowing users to chose user interface language, regional data settings and text characters that suits their business process.