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New-age Formulation Software

Great efforts are being invested all over the world towards the promotion of healthy feed and environmental protection. Digital transformation of the feed sector to boost sustainable food production puts the industry to the test. New types of nutrient sources, feed & food policy changes, new legislation requirements, ingredients volatility, demand pattern changes driven by COVID-19 are new challenges feed producers face today.

The competitive market pushes profit-driven operations to the pedestal. Companies are under constant pressure to operate more efficiently and safely while modernizing production and delivering improved products to their customers.

To cope with these tremendous changes, feed companies need to take an active role in managing their production and adapt to varying conditions in real-time. Only a comprehensive set of specialized software tools integrated into a robust solution can handle these challenges and ensure a smooth transition – from traditional, manually-driven processes to a digital and adaptive way of managing production in real-time. Feed producers of the future require a complete understanding of actual and future conditions that would enable them to respond to known and unexpected events safely and efficiently. These capabilities are now offered through Animal Feed Optimization Software AFOS.