Cloud, standalone and multiuser


AFOS is built using hybrid-cloud technology which allows system installation on cloud or on premise. Cloud system is targeted for advanced users who wants to have virtual formulation office accessible by multiple users with different access rights from any Windows PC with client AFOS application and from mobile devices using just web browser. Standalone application is focused on users who wants traditional application with database saved locally. Main cloud computing benefits are: high reliability, increased accessibility, data security, regular updates, collaboration, pay structure, scalability, savings on equipment and more. 

AFOS Cloud, standalone and multiuser

Nutritional data organization

AFOS supports multi-plant and multi-animal group data organization without limitations on number of formulation instances including plants, animal groups, nutrients, ingredients, products and recipes. User can freely add, edit, remove and customize all data, including adding new currencies, editing nutrient units, weight units, prices, price lists and additional costs. Engine for calculated nutrients can be used for advanced formulation which could be applicable for any type of feed.

For every complex process, AFOS allows creation of templates to reduce time for repetitive actions. User experience is additionally improved by smart filters and advanced search. 

AFOS Nutritional data organization

Advanced formulation engine

AFOS supports advanced formulation using comprehensive calculation engine. User can configure traditional min/max nutrient and ingredient constraints in combination with ingredient and nutrients ratio constraints, combined constraints and post optimization coefficients.. Nutrients constraints can be configured in As Fed or Dry Matter mode. For infeasible formulas AFOS can calculate sub-optimal or “second best” results which are very useful for what-if analysis and problem solving. Detailed formula parameters like shadow prices, boundary prices, ingredient and nutrient distributions, formula dehydration and cost shares are also presented to user.

AFOS Advanced formulation engine

Time saver

AFOS What-if simulation module and detailed automated reporting is real time saver. Multiblend module allows optimization of large number of formulas with just few clicks. User can assign various actions like add, remove or replace ingredient or constraint to whole group of formulas in few seconds which are then available for batch optimization. This is very useful for everyday situations when ingredient prices and availability changes on daily basis or for what-if analysis and decision making like "buy or not buy" raw material on the market, Detailed reporting allows creation of customizable reposts from one or multiple formulas with ease.

Historical database allows saving formula instances though time for later comparison. Track you formulas to analyze your costs before and after. 

Label management improves productivity by label creation process automation. 

AFOS Time saver

Mixed-Integer Optimization

Classical feed formulation software uses an optimization method called Linear Programming (LP) to obtain least cost recipes. But, this method is not very suitable for implementation in the plant control system (SCADA) for a simple reason. Linear programming can give a result that is hard to implement, e.g. some ingredient result can be 128.564 lbs. Nutritionists are forced to manually tweak formulas to prepare them for plant implementation. This creates two problems: a) this process is very time consuming, and b) manual process always decreases optimality (increases cost).

AFOS is implementing special algorithm called Mixed-Integer Programming (MIP) to solve this issue. MIP allows nutritionist to include technical constraints in the optimization procedure. Contact us for more details.

AFOS Mixed-Integer Optimization

Features list



• Cloud based software can be installed on multiple computers with single license.
• Very high level of data and access security, reliability and redundancy managed by Microsoft datacenter.
• Mix-integer solver in addition to commonly used linear solver. Mix-integer is advanced solver that finds least
cost solution taking into account technical constraints of the plant.
• Single license defines single instantaneous user on the system. Additional users can be purchased.
• Access from tablets and smartphones with just browsers for core functionality.
• Open access database.
• User friendly and intuitive graphic design.
• Printing and exporting supported to all commonly used file types.
• Automatic updates upon new release or improvements and fixes.
• Customization of user interface and multilingual support.
• Unlimited number of ingredients
• Create new ingredients
• Modify ingredient composition with easy navigation panel
• Three sets of composition data
• Easy navigation between as fed and dry matter basis values
• "Last test date" information for analyzed data set
• Change price
• Extended details panel for additional data and explanations
• Use ingredient filter for easy navigation
• Import ingredients from external file
• Export ingredients to external file
• Clone (duplicate) ingredients
• Clone ingredient to different plant
• Custom ingredient type
• Ingredients group management
• Create ingredient equations (calculated nutrients)
• Create 'cascaded' ingredients equations
• Clone (duplicate) ingredients equations
• Ingredients price history and forecast chart
• Support ingredient names in other than Latin coding
• Unlimited number of nutrients
• Definition of new nutrient
• Modify nutrient configuration
• Use nutrients filter
• Custom nutrient type
• Import nutrients from external file
• Export nutrients to external file
• Nutrient groups management
• Comprehensive list of units with meaningful automatic recalculation where possible
• Unlimited number of feed formulas
• Unlimited number of premix formulas
• Unlimited number of ingredient and nutrient min and max constraints
• Unlimited number of nutrient ratio constraints
• Unlimited number of ingredient ratio constraints
• Unlimited number of ingredient combined constraints
• Unlimited number of post optimization coefficients with complex formula definition functionality
• Least cost optimization using linear solver
• Least cost optimization using mix-integer solver
• Define constraints in As fed or Dry matter basis
• Define constraints in percent and weight units
• Apply default constraints for selected animal type for fast formula creation
• Apply configurable additional costs to the formula
• Define additional cost patterns
• Calculate Dry matter and As Feed results
• Calculate weight results based on plant batch size
• Calculate Shadow price
• Save formulas as recipe
• Save formulas as ingredient
• Clone formula to different plant
• Manual tweaking of optimization results
• Define bulk ingredient for automatic recalculation during manual tweaking
• Interactive formulation with clear indication are results in defined limits
• Apply formula filters
• Recalculation for liquid components
• Ingredient and nutrient distribution calculation
• Formula dehydration calculation
• Comparison of actual and previous optimization
• Ingredient Total cost percentage calculation
• Boundary marginal cost calculation and chart
• Ingredient share/price chart
• Sub-optimal solution calculation to receive second best results in case of infeasibility
• Clear indication of non-achieved constraint in case of infeasibility
• Use additional formula panel for additional details of the formula
• Formulation, results, and details of the formula on single screen
• Include production data when saving formula as recipe
• Save instances of formulas in historical database for later analysis and comparison
• Open ingredient directly from formula creation window
• Multiblend batch optimization
• Define complex actions (add, remove, replace in multiple formulas) in Multiblend
• Run individual action for all selected formulas
• Run multiple actions on multiple selected formulas and post-optimization
• Compare before and after multiblending formula state
• Multiple saving and exporting from Multiblend
• What-if analysis on Multiblend-only prices
• Create temporary ingredients in Multiblend
• Manage unlimited number of animal groups and breeds
• Define default constraints per animal type
• Dairy ingredients
• Dairy nutrients
• NRC calculations
• Detailed repoting
• Fast reporting from the same screen where formulation is done
• Detailed reporting with Export report to PDF, Word, Excel and CSV
• Manage reports and recipes history
• Sort reports and recipes by date, product name and by formula name
• Modify and configure report
• Rearrange rows in tables
• Export production report
• Export multiple formulas
• Unlimited number of plants
• Assign ingredients, species and breeds per plant
• Configure batch size per plant
• Configure currency per plant
• Configure information properties of the plant
• Define ingredient stock value
• Import ingredient stock value
• Create formula production plan (schedule)
• Calculate ingredient requirements (forecast) for arbitrary date
• Compare tool for advance ingredients, formulas and recipes compare
• Unlimited number of label patterns
• Automatic label ingredient list
• Detailed label configuration options
• Label assignment to recipes
• Definition of label design in accordance with client requirements
• Automatic every day data backup
• Restore data
• Single user can access multiple databases
• Manage multiple databases
• Customize user interface environment
• Define currency
• Continuous support, maintenance and updates